SJB values athletics because we believe it gives our students the chance to build teamwork, friendship, school spirit, confidence, and character. SJB also believes that athletics provides the opportunity to learn valuable lessons in areas such as fair play, cooperation, sportsmanship, self-discipline, respect, communication skills, collaboration, and playing with passion.  We believe that exposing our children to athletics at an early age will greatly enhance their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being.


At SJB the PE department teaches the basic skills in all of the classic games such as soccer, flag football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball.  The PE department also teaches skills in exciting non-mainstream games such as handball, pickle ball, badminton, load ‘em up, capture the flag, tchoukball, and cricket.  Don’t worry, there is plenty of fitness testing as well.  Students participate in the ½ mile and mile run, the pacer/beep test, sit-up and push-up competition, as well as short distance sprinting.  The PE department also holds an annual volleyball tournament right before Christmas break and an annual flag football tournament at the end of the school year.


Field Day is one of the most anticipated days of the year!!!  It is a day of camaraderie and competition.  K3 – 8th grade participate in games such as 50 yard dash, 3 legged race, bunny hop, long toss, long kick, high jump, long jump, soccer dribble, basketball dribble, bean bag toss, bowling, obstacle course, tug-of-war, and water balloon toss.  Tired of competing? Come enjoy concessions, face paintings and photo booths!  It’s easy to find who to cheer for as every class has color coded t-shirts.

-Trey Woodham,

Assistant Principal & Coach

At SJB we are proud of our Catholic identity. In congruence with that cherished identity, we believe in teaching and guiding the whole individual.  Athletics is a great way to teach our students about things they may not always face when sitting at a desk.  Discipline, respect, teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, and the sacrifice of oneself for the betterment of the team are the lessons we strive to teach at SJB--not just to win a game, but to win it with integrity, character, and respect.


SJB has girls and boys basketball teams for 5th-8th grade. Our best season was in 2013 when our 5th grade boys went 12-0 and won the ASPS league and tournament title.  The boys and girls team will be coached by Chad Dailey who has over 15 years experience coaching youth basketball.  SJB also offers basketball classes in place of traditional PE classes that allows players to receive year round training from Coach Trey Woodham.


1st – 8th grade boys have the opportunity to play for the JETS football team.  JETS are a combination of all the Shreveport area private schools that play against public school teams in the YMCA league. 


SJB offers cheerleading for 3rd – 8th grade girls.  Our cheerleading squad is lead by coaches Jennifer Germany and Amanda Cascio.  Jennifer and Amanda have turned our cheerleading program around by adding exciting, fun, and fresh new cheers.  The girls are organized and having a blast!  We boast the highest number of young squad members in the past 4 years.  Things are looking up. Show some school spirit and join our squad!


We are trying to organize SJB soccer teams for the spring of 2018.  To register, go to and follow registration procedure - select Coach Woodham as your coach and SJB as your school preference.  Updates on registration deadline will be posted as soon as they are made public.  If you have any questions, give Coach Woodham a call at 221-6005

To find more information about athletics , such as sign-up forms, schedules, and registration deadlines, visit Forms & Info and look in the Athletics section.

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