A letter from our principal...

Welcome to SJB, the best kept secret in Shreveport! I began my ministry at St. John’s 5 years ago and am honored to move into the role of principal, leading the school that I love and believe in. SJB’s faculty and staff are invested in the school and the students, valuing their role in the formation of each child. That formation is one of the key differences that separates us from other schools. On the side of our school building, there is a quote from Proverbs 22:6. “Teach a child in the way that he should go and when he is older he will not depart from it.” Closely tied to our Cathedral parish, our church and school have a uniquely supportive role of each other that aids in the formation of our students. I value the church and school relationship not only as a school leader, but also as a

parishioner and mother of an SJB alumni as well as a current SJB student. My husband and I rely on the guidance, love, and support our children receive through both the Cathedral family and our SJB school family. SJB truly becomes a village, with the home and school working together to form men and women who love and serve our Lord.


The Cathedral of St. of John Berchmans has been an integral part of Catholic education in the Shreveport area for almost 70 years as teachers from SJB have nurtured children in faith and tradition, preparing students for the rigors of high school and college. Despite SJB’s longevity in the community, our humility often downplays our many achievements and accolades. I invite you to explore our website, visit and like our Facebook page, and contact us for a tour of our school. In addition to our strong STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math) curriculum, our school is warm and inviting providing a family atmosphere that is hard to explain, but felt the moment you walk in the doors. We would love to show you what a gem we have!

Mrs. Jennifer Deason,



St. John Berchmans Catholic School is dedicated to the sacred ministry of providing quality education, anchored in the Roman Catholic tradition, which nurtures children in Catholic values and promotes excellence in education and a life of service.


We envision a Catholic school in which students are prepared to become self-directed, life-long learners empowered by the gospel message of Jesus Christ to live a life of virtue, integrity, and service to others.


Opened in 1949, St. John Berchmans School began with a staff of six sisters of the religious congregation called Daughters of the Cross. Along with a quality education and human formation in a loving environment, their faith has been passed down to the next generation of over 3,000 students these past six decades. For the third time, the parish has enlarged the school building to meet the growing needs of the school.  


The fall of 2005 brought a new principal to the school, Jo Cazes, and a new pastor to the Cathedral Parish, Fr. Peter Mangum. With renewed vision for the parish and enthusiastic commitment for its school, major renovations have been made over the last 12 years to update the facilities and make them a safe and completely modern school that enhances our students’ academic formation. Completed in July 2015 was a new Parish Hall and 4100 square foot Library/Technology Center expansion. In 2017, the Library/Technology Center was dedicated to Mrs. Cazes in honor of her retirement and the school’s appreciation for love and dedication to the growth of the school. Mrs. Jennifer Deason moved from Assistant Principal to Principal for the fall of 2017.


St. John Berchmans is committed to promoting academic excellence, personal responsibility, and spiritual awareness among the students so they may live more fully in a relationship with God and others. We envision a Catholic school in which students are prepared to become self-directed, life-long learners empowered by the gospel message of Jesus Christ to live a life of virtue, integrity, and service to others. 


Education is a life-long process that begins at home, is fostered at school, and continues throughout life. Instructional practices incorporate learning activities that recognize the different learning styles and afford students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through a variety of assessments. A strong moral, structured, and safe environment promotes self-discipline and provides a positive learning atmosphere. A standard of high expectation, a disciplined environment, and quality programs in the academic disciplines and fine arts are provided to enhance student performance. A teaching curriculum that incorporates problem-solving and critical thinking, collaboration and leadership, effective and written communication, accessing and analyzing information, curiosity, and imagination and technological knowledge encourages students to acquire marketable skills to become productive members of society. 

  • Newly renovated 4,000+ square foot Library/Technology Center

  • iPads, SMART Board, and Chromebook technology in every classroom

  • Small class size

  • All teachers are certified with 53% holding advanced degrees;  2 faculty members are Nationally Board Certified

  • AdvancED/SACs accredited


St. John Berchmans Catholic School's partnership with A Kid’s Choice Educational Services Foundation continues to develop and flourish. A Kid’s Choice works with dyslexic children as well as children with a specific need. They provide Tier 3 interventions, guided by data that identifies student strengths and weaknesses, utilizing strategies specific to meet the child’s needs. Additionally, A Kid’s Choice teachers and our school work closely in developing strategic professional development to best support our teachers in educating all of their students.

Our Purpose

To give our teachers added educational tools to improve their skills in a classroom and give them an insight to a new possibility of successful learning for all students!

Kindness is practiced here.

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