Science Olympiad is a national program whose mission is to promote and improve student interest in science. There are 7,800 teams from across the country who compete in 23 rigorous events which are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Science Olympiad encourages students to problem solve, work as a team, and experience the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines hands-on. Science Olympiad has been introducing STEM to students for the past 33 years, even before STEM was the newest education buzz word.


St. John Berchmans has competed in Science Olympiad since 2007. We have been the Region III First Place Overall winner for the past ten years, and won at the state level as Louisiana State Champions for ten years. We have been honored to represent Louisiana at the National competition ten times! Our students have traveled to Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Nebraska, and Wisconsin to compete at the National level. Students have come home with medals received on the National stage, a team Spirit Award, and the satisfaction of accomplishing their personal best.


Students have witnessed the positive effects of perseverance and the intangible rewards of hard-work. They have learned to think on their feet and keep their focus when things don't go as expected. And most importantly, they have discovered that science can be fun. Students who have graduated from the St. John Berchmans Science Olympiad team are excelling in their high school science courses, and are going on to pursue careers in the medical, engineering, and computer fields.




2008-2019   Regional Science Olympiad Champion


2009-2018   Louisiana State Science Olympiad Champion


2009-2018   National Science Olympiad Tournament


National Awards:

2013 Lockheed Martin Spirit Award Winner 


2010 Experimental Design 5th place

2011 Battery Buggy 4th place

2012 Forestry 7th place


2013 Green Generation 7th place


Within the walls of St. John Berchmans Catholic School, there is hardly a desk, a chalkboard, a brick, or a soul on which our former principal, Mrs. Jo Cazes, has not had a profound and positive influence.  Though she has recently retired, her bright contributions shine far beyond our walls through the thousands of lives she has led in her 12 years of loyal service to our school as well as her 44 years in education. She still visits and helps our school today, and anyone who has known Mrs. Cazes for even a few minutes can identify her greatest passion:  Science.

Beyond her ability to positively influence the lives of students as a principal, Mrs. Cazes has a deep passion for studying and understanding life itself.  She got her start in education as a biology teacher and made great strides in inspiring students to explore, observe, and understand the natural world around them.  She eventually came to our school as principal, and with her dear friend Norma Waters at her side, the two of them delivered one of our school's greatest educational strengths,  Science Olympiad.

We hope you will take the time to learn more about the rich STEM education our school offers.  It is with deep gratitude to Mrs. Cazes and Norma Waters that we still deliver a thriving science education to the curious minds of our youth.

In Loving Memory of Our Middle School Science Teacher

Mrs. Norma Waters


"Forever 29"

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