Exposure Info 

Updated 8/16/20

Hello SJB Families,

As we navigate the new year, there are sure to be various levels of
student and faculty Covid 19 exposure. With each situation, we will
confidentially seek guidance from Sr. Carol, our Diocesan
Superintendent, and Dr. Vanchiere, SJB parent and infectious disease
physician, to make sure we are following the CDC’s latest

What does that mean for your child?
-If there is a confirmed, primary exposure in the school, meaning
someone in the school has been diagnosed with Covid 19, then you will
be notified if your child has been exposed.
-If there is a secondary exposure, meaning someone at school has been
exposed to Covid 19, but shows no symptoms, then they will likely quarantine according to CDC guidelines and you will not be notified.

Quarantined students will be able to Zoom with their class so that
there is minimal interruption to their education. Someone who is in
quarantine does not have to be sick, but may be simply following
recommendations rather than risking exposure. If a quarantined student needs an electronic device to use while home, we will check one out to the parents.

I realize this can all be very confusing and I hope this gives a
better understanding of when you can expect information from the


God Bless and Stay Healthy!

Carpool Procedures

Updated 8/6/20

In consultation with Dr. Vanchiere and Dr. White, parents of K3-K5 students may walk their child to their classroom next week. Our goal is that our young ones will become more comfortable with the arrival process in the next week or so, but as always, communication with us is critical. If you are walking your K3-K5 child in, please park in the back parking lot and enter through the back/South door. You must wear a mask, have your temperature taken, and sanitize your hands. After walking your child to class, you will exit through the side/East doors. We are trying to keep traffic flow going in one direction. 
My orientation video that is being released tomorrow morning was made prior to getting this new information. This is the most current information for K3-K5 parent drop off. 
Thank you all for your support and collaboration as we navigate this return to school process. I can not tell you how much I look forward to starting school on Monday.

All policy and practice associated with Covid 19 pandemic supersedes any other SJB policy.

If a student tests positive, what is the protocol? Who will be notified?


If a student tests positive for COVID-19 the School will notify the parents of:

  1.  Students in the same class

  2.  Students on the same team/club

The local Department of Public Health will conduct contact tracing and provide instruction to individuals who may have had extended close contact with the COVID-positive student. The COVID-positive student will need to quarantine for at for 7 to  10 days since the symptoms first appeared (or 14 days if there are no symptoms) and be 24 hours symptom-free without the use of fever-reducing medication, cough suppressants, etc. before returning to school.

If a staff member tests positive, what is the protocol? Who will be notified?

If an employee has COVID-19, we will notify families of any students who may have been in contact with the COVID-positive employee and any colleague with whom the COVID-positive employee had direct exposure. We will be working directly with the Department of Public Health who will assist with contact tracing. We will not be able to give specific information nor share medical conditions of employees with you, but we will provide you with the circumstances surrounding your exposure so you can give the best possible information to your healthcare provider. COVID-positive staff members will need to quarantine at home for 7-10 days and be 24 hours symptom-free without the use of fever-reducing medication, cough suppressants, etc. before returning to work.

If a student is sent home with a fever or symptoms, what is required for them to return to school?

Students who present symptoms must stay home and consult their physician. Students must be symptom-free for 72 hours without the use of medication in order to return to school.