Summer Camps 2021


Thank you for choosing to spend time at St. John Berchmans camps this summer. We are thrilled to invite you to a wide range of options.

  • Half day morning time slots:  8:00am - 12:00pm

  • Half day afternoon time slots:  1:00pm - 5:00pm

  • Full day time slots: 8:00am - 5:00pm

  • Lunch, snacks, and drinks are not provided. Please pack food and drinks for your child to bring to camps.

  • Some camps have minimum registration number requirements. If a particular camp does not have a minimum number of campers enrolled by the registration deadline, it is possible that camp will be cancelled. If this situation occurs, we are willing to transfer your child to a different camp that is scheduled for the same time, or your initial registration fee will be refunded. We will contact you in advance if any cancellations are being made.

  • Registration deadline is at least a week before the start date of each camp. Counselors need enough time in advance to purchase supplies for the camp. Some camps might make exceptions. Check with the specific counselor if you need special arrangements.

Arts & Crafts
Arts - Unconventional Materials, Animals, and more

Counselor:  Liz Elley (Professional artist, former art teacher at SJB)

Activities:  Art projects with animal themes or creating art using unconventional materials

More Information:  If you have any questions, contact Liz Elley at

Beads and Braids | Textiles

Counselor:  Julia Vanchiere

Beads and Braids Activities:  Learn basic jewelry making including beading and micro macrame to make unique and beautiful jewelry and gifts. Each day we will explore a new skill and them work in independent projects with guidance from Ms. Vanchiere.

Textiles Activities: Explore the world of textiles through sewing, embroidery, weaving, macrame, and more. We will explore a new skill each day and then work on independent projects with guidance from Ms. Vanchiere.

More Information:  Please contact Julia Vanchiere at about multi family member discounts.

Found Items | Design and Build

Counselor:  Julia Vanchiere

Found Items Activities:  Explore sustainable crafts with recycled and natural materials. We will design and create with different materials each day and focus on ways to have fun and protect the environment at the same time. Please collect paper, cardboard, and plastic recyclables for our campers to use as materials.

Design and Build Activities: Explore the engineering design process through hands-on projects. Each day we will begin with a Lego design challenge and then work independently and collaboratively through the engineering design process with a cardboard building project, taking the project from problem to prototype and sharing our results. Students will leave the camp with cardboard construction tools from Makedo. Please save boxes and large pieces of corrugated cardboard to use for building.

More Information:  Please contact Julia Vanchiere at about multi family member discounts.


Counselor:  Shannon Cascio

Activities:  Camp on reinforcing reading/comprehension, math, and handwriting skills through games, activities, and an assortment of learning techniques that will be fun for the kids! If there is a specific skill that your child needs work on, let Mrs. Cascio know and she will incorporate it into the camp.

More Information:  Please contact Shannon Cascio at


Counselor:  Julia Vanchiere

Beginner Coding Activities:  Learn coding basics through interactive activities and explore block coding through MIT’s Scratch platform. Campers will learn and practice a new skill each day and then explore through independent and partner coding projects.

Intermediate Coding Activities: Learn more in-depth coding skills through interactive activities, intermediate block coding through MIT’s Scratch platform, and beginning text coding. Campers will learn and practice a new skill each day and then apply their skills in independent and collaborative coding projects.

More Information:  Please contact Julia Vanchiere at about multi family member discounts.

Esports & Fitness

Counselor:  Trey Woodham and Andy Hitt

Activities:  Did you know that there are college scholarships now available for Esport gamers?  Are you worried about what games your child is playing, or who they are being exposed to online?  Are you concerned about your child playing video games all day while you are at work and not getting outside to exercise? Then the SJB Esports and fitness camp is perfect for you! SJB Esports camp combines practicing a legitimate skill that could lead to college scholarships, in a safe environment, all the while getting quality exercise during down time.

More Information: Please contact Trey Woodham at or Andy Hitt at for more information or to inquire about multi family member discounts.

Note: Depending on the number of registrants, some campers may need to bring their own console. Also, a permission slip will be required for all games rated T and above.


Counselor:  Trey Woodham

Activities: Ready for your kids to be worn out when they come home from camp?  Then this is the camp for you!  This camp is full of classic pe games and traditional sports such as Load 'em Up, Capture the Flag, Bean Bag Skid, Relay races, Basketball, Football, Soccer and more...our sports camp is all fun all the time!!!  

More Information:  Please contact Trey Woodham at about age exceptions, full day discounts,  and multi family member discounts.


Counselor:  Dakota Rivers

Activities:  Learn fundamental ball handling, passing, and shooting skills.

More Information:  Please contact Dakota Rivers at about age exceptions and multi family member discounts.